Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interaction Prototype

With the earlier prototype I had tested the basic concept of Grub i.e. a set of monsters that each other. I know need to test two aspects of the toy:

1) How well the characters work as hand puppets?
2) How kids react to behavior of the embedded electronics?

In order to test this I have created very rough fabric prototypes of each character. I also have done this to see what kids understand of the form of each character and how they use them.
Shrimp with a finger pocket under its belly.

Fig opening its dull covering to show off bright inner petals.

Saber with finger spaces for pincers and velcro lice on its feet.

Blob with finger pockets on either side and in its eye socket/ neck. And a velcro patch on its bottom for eating lice. yummy!

I have created a sock character to see how kids will react to blob lighting up. And hope to hear through the test what kinds of behaviour they would like it exhibit (fear, death etc.)

Yayeee! It actually works!

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