Wednesday, February 24, 2010

User test

I showed the toy neighbour of mine. He is 5 years old. He didnt know what puppets were. So I explained the concept to him. It took him a while to get used to the gestures but once he got the hang of it he really got into it.

He'd narrate stories and then we'd act it out. He wanted as many people involved in the game as possible. The stories varied. Settings changed- water, forest, space. There were friends, enemies, strategies, magic, a doctor and an operation. Also and interesting backstory for fig- he said since fig is a plant he has to spend a 100 days in the mud and only then can he go play with his friends.

He found Blob a little difficultto handle so he didnt want to be blob. But since he like the character, he asked me to be blob to keep him in the game. At the end he figured out his own easy wasy of using Blob.
He enjoyed being the characters he found easy to use. He wasnt so interested in the electronics.

I also showed the toys 2 other kids who are brother (5 yrs) and sister (3 years). They weren't so verbal. The boy kept running of with fig cause they both loved that you had to blow out the tentacle. He ran away with it so he wouldnt have to share it with his sister. She tried out most of the puppets and was able to slowly pick up the gestures.

I have a hunch girls will be better at the gestures. I'll i know after some more tests, lets see how it turns out :)

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