Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Technicals

So I had a difficult 1 and half weeks working on the technology. Cause one silly little mistake and it just wont work. It drove me crazy but seems to be ready for a first test. Phew!

In order to the test the technology I decided to create my own arduino board(micro-controller). This turns out cheaper, smaller and sturdy enough to test.

1) I made an arduino on a breadboard using the ITP Tutorial
(and ofcourse the first thing you do when its ready is get an LED to blink)

2) Attach the reed switch circuit to the breadboard Arduino

3) Solder everything onto a perf board.
Freeware like eagle lite is available to help you layout your circuit. But since I didn't feel like working with another software I drew it out with pencil and paper. And yes i guess this only makes sense for a relatively simple circuit.

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